Whether you’re out for drinks after work or celebrating a special occasion, choosing the perfect cocktail can add to the enjoyment of your night out or celebration. Start your night off right with a signature cocktail paired with a delicious entrée or order something new to finish your night with a bang!

Each of our unique cocktails represents a bit of Indian flavor and tradition, paired with global ingredients to add a special twist, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top 8 cocktails we think you should try at Bombay Velvet.

Top off your meal with Bombay Velvet’s fantastic selection of upscale drinks, including spirits, wines, and cocktails. Enjoy traditional Indian hot beverages as well as hand-crafted specialty drinks that pair perfectly with a meal or can be enjoyed by themselves. Try any one of our uniquely crafted cocktails, and we guarantee you’ll keep coming back for more!



Inspired from the Kerala backwaters, this Tikki-style drink is a refreshing concoction of coconut water, jaggery, cumin spice, and pineapple blended with a delicious dark rum.



This gorgeous drink is something to rave about. Made with Tequila silver, jasmine, lavender, hibiscus, ginger ale, and lime, there is plenty of flavor and sweetness to engage your taste buds.

bay of bengal

Bay Of Bengal

For a special bit of spice, try the Bay of Bengal! Created with Hpnotiq liqueur, lemongrass infused vodka, our own special green mango chutney, roasted cumin, and Himalayan pink salt, this cocktail is the perfect blend of culture and taste.

Cutting Whis Tea

Cutting Whis-Tea

Whiskey lovers are in for a treat! Out unique cutting whis-tea is crafted with Islay whisky, rosemary infused Earl Grey tea decoction, and tea masala bitters to form a drink like no other. The subtle tea notes complement a delicious whiskey flavor, to create an incredible drink that even whiskey novices are sure to love.

Thandai Colada

Thandai Colada

This special cocktail is made with rose infused vodka, almond milk, a unique Thandai spice mix, fresh cream, pistachio slivers, dry rose petals, and cardamom pearls. Each sip of this colada is full of flavor and sure to impress.

A Walk In Marine Drive

A Walk In Marine Drive

For a truly one-of-a-kind cocktail, try our Walk In Marine Drive. This drink consists of vodka infused with hibiscus & rose, and butterfly pea tea. Its gorgeous presentation is just as good as its flavor. Try it on its own or with one of our creative entrees or desserts!

mumbai don in love

Mumbai Don In Love

You’ll be in love with our Mumbai Don In Love! Made with gin, Crème de Violette, St. Germain liqueur, egg white, Chartreuse, and a bit of lime, this drink has it all. For a creamy, smooth drink with incredible flavor, be sure to order this gorgeous cocktail.



This drink is perfect for all the Bourbon lovers, and anyone looking to try something new. Made with high-quality Bourbon whiskey, fenugreek & orange peel infused barley water, and roasted coriander smoke, this cocktail look, smells, and tasted like nothing you’ve ever had before.

If you aren’t sure where to start when ordering a drink on your night out or special celebration at Bombay Velvet, choose one of these top 10 must-try specialty cocktails.
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