Bombay Velvet

There are a variety of dining and drinking options in Reston, VA, whether you are in or around the town center, or looking for a more out of the way eatery. Sometimes the amount of choices can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. 

Do you find yourself asking where to eat and drink in Reston, VA on a Friday nightIf so, try Bombay Velvet. 

Bombay Velvet is an Indian fine dining restaurant & bar, located in the heart of Reston Town Center West, at 12100 Sunset Hills Road Reston, VA 20190 USA. 

Indian restaurants in reston

Dine-in comfort with ambient lighting, comfortable plush seating, dazzling décor, and highly trained and friendly waitstaff to help guide you through the evening. 

Guests can enjoy a variety of Indian-inspired fusion cuisines, from appetizers and entrees to delectable desserts. Vegetarians and meat lovers alike can choose from our menu of incredible, satisfying appetizers and entrees, with a variety of subtly sweet dessert treats to complete the meal. 

If you aren’t sure where to start when ordering on your night out or special dinner at Bombay Velvet, try one of these top-5 guest favorites. 

Dinner at Bombay Velvet

Start your meal off right with an appetizer! 


  • Amritsari Fried Fish 
  • Spice Crusted 3 Rub Paneer Tikka 
  • Chargrilled Flaming Lamb Chops 
  • Bombay Velvet Fried Chicken 
  • Cheesy Malai Mushroom 

Dinner at Bombay Velvet

Savor a flavorful main entrée! 


  • The Black Dal Saga 
  • Paneer & 4 Cheese Kofta 
  • Tandoori Chicken Rezala 
  • Lobster Malai Curry 
  • Lamb Vindaloo 

Lamb Vindaloo

Finish your meal with a delicious dessert bang! 


  • Paan & Gulkand Mousse 
  • Prism Of Carrot & Moong Dal Halwa 
  • Mango Kheer With Blueberry Compote 
  • Elaichi Mascarpone With Pistachio Gulab Jamun 
  • Jalebi Boomerang

Jalebi Boomerang

The restaurant has a bar area and offers incredible handcrafted cocktails, along with an extensive wine list. You’ll love trying a new drink to challenge your palate. 

Take a look at some of our customers’ favorite drinks. 

  • Cutting Whis-tea 
  • Kerala Backwaters 
  • Bagichha 
  • Thandai Colada 
  • Bay Of Bengal 

Bay Of Bengal

Bombay Velvet enjoys many four-star and five-star ratings out of hundreds of reviews on Yelp and Google 

This fine-dining restaurant is owned and operated by Rajiv Chopra, who is also responsible for the successful trio of Punjabi By Nature Indian restaurantin northern Virginia. 

If you’re looking for where to eat and drink in Reston, VA, read about what some of Bombay Velvet’s guests have to say about their experiences. 

What Reviewers Are Saying: 

I ventured to explore this restaurant for the very first time on my birthday on 12/12/2019. I had 7 guests! Frankly, this is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. Service, atmosphere, and food are a be back experience. Big thank you to the chef and our waiter. Everything was simply perfect! I have not even one negative comment. Your hard work and effort are highly appreciated, I wish there were more restaurants like this one around here. -Stefani P. 

Outstanding dining experience. Beautiful decor, exceptional service, and the food were absolutely fantastic. Our new favorite restaurant! -Anne G. 

What an absolutely delightful experience. From the decor to the staff to the food. One of the best fine Indian food I have experienced! From vegetarian to non-vegetarian… Every item we ordered was made just perfect. 5 stars for the presentation as well. I can’t believe I have the best fine Indian dining so close to me – in Reston! -Deepali P. 

Wow! This is some of the absolute best food I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Every course introduced new and unique flavors. The Black Dal Saga is the kind of dish that encapsulates the definition of food artistry. Also, the restaurant decor is gorgeous. It invokes conversation and would be a great spot for a date night. Make a reservation tonight….you won’t regret it! -Karen B. 

Fantastic food. Fantastic drinks. Everything on the menu has incredibly unique flavors. The service is phenomenal. I can’t say enough great things about this restaurant. Definitely worth the visit. -Leslie C. 

Wow! Talk about fine dining with glamor! That about sums it up for Rajiv Chopra’s newest expression of Indian culinary excellence and style. From the moment you step into this petit looking bistro tucked away near the Reston Town Center you are transported into a world of gold and onyx and an interior that appears to take inspiration from the opulence of the Mughal empire transformed into the present day with modern furnishings and lighting accents. The journey continues to inspire with a menu that captures the soul of North Indian cuisine with a panache for the exotic, combining rich flavors, artistic presentation and a determined focus on the quality of experience. This is dining worthy of an upscale DC neighborhood which makes it all the more exciting to have such access in Reston! -Anupam M. 

Make A Reservation

Make A Reservation 

Contact us to learn more or reserve a table for your special night out. Call us at 703-956-9359 or email Reserve your table at Bombay Velvet–the best Indian fine dining restaurant in Reston, Virginia. We promise a dining experience like no other, with a luxurious old-world Bombay inspired atmosphere and traditional Indian foods paired with unique global ingredients. 

Whether you’re looking for delicious new foods to try or a hearty meal to remind you of home, Bombay Velvet has a variety of delicious Pubjabi-inspired dishes to leave you satisfied.

Punjabi cuisine is of the post popular types of Indian food and comes from the region of Punjab. The region’s distinct flavors and traditions for cooking and preparing food add a unique flair to each dish. From exotic spices and flavors, to rich and buttery sauces, we offer a little bit of everything to pair perfectly with various types of rice and naan. From the initial appeal and praise in the Punjabi region, to restaurants cooking traditional food all over the globe, this type of cuisine has garnered universal acclaim and appeal.

From exotic, flavorful vegetarian dishes to delectable meats and tandoori-prepared meals, these dishes will have your mouth watering before you take the first bite. Bombay Velvet has spent time perfecting our favorite Punjabi foods to ensure each item tempts your appetite and satisfies your palate. If you’d like to try something truly special, try one of these 5 delicious Punjabi-inspired dishes.

Paneer & 4 Cheese Kofta

Paneer & 4 Cheese Kofta

The Bombay Velvet paneer & 4-cheese kofta includes panko crusted Indian cottage cheese, cheddar, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan crafted into a ball, with a creamy saffron sauce, crunchy baby spinach topping, and cumin basmati rice. This cheesy-savory dish is sure to impress.

Here’s what guests have to say about the cheesy, delicious dish:

⦁ “For vegetarian, must try black dal and paneer & 4 cheese kofta”
⦁ “For main course go with ‘Paneer & 4 cheese kofta’ with black olives naan”

Gourmet Butter Chicken Steak

Gourmet Butter Chicken Steak

Roast whole chicken breast stuffed with spiced ground chicken, creamy tomato sauce flavored with butter & fenugreek, coriander rice

Here’s what some of our guest have to say about our Butter Chicken:

⦁ “Very classy place with good food and good service. We had lamb chops and butter chicken (and butter naan) and enjoyed it all.”
⦁ “The Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani were rich, delicious and brought the flavors from a food joint in Amritsar”
⦁ “Worth every penny spent! We had Potli Chicken Biryani (biryani wrapped in an egg casing,wow), Butter Chicken Steak, chicken Rezala, lamb vandalo, lamb chops with Korma, along with Mashroom and chicken appetizer. Everything tasted amazing.”

The Black Dal Saga

The Black Dal Saga

Famous as “Dal Bukhara”, this dish consists of black lentils cooked overnight with herbs & spices, flavored with live charcoal, and finished with cream, butter and roasted fenugreek with a cumin and onion rice pilaf. This dish is a delicious, flavorful meal with traditional spices. It’s not difficult to see why this dish is a favorite for so many people, but don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our guest have to say about The Black Dal Saga:

  • “The Black Dal Saga is the kind of dish that encapsulates the definition of food artistry.”
  • “I highly recommend the whimsically named Black Dal Saga.”
  • “For vegetarian, must try black dal and paneer & 4 cheese kofta”
  • “The Black Dal Saga was amazing!”
  • “In main course, Black Daal Saga was out of this world. It reminded me of the famous dal Bukhara in Delhi we used to eat.”

Tandoori Chicken Rezala

Tandoori Chicken Rezala

This delicious dish consists of a whole chicken leg marinated in yoghurt & aromatic spices, chargrilled in tandoor, with a luscious nutty sauce, and accompanying rose & onion pilaf.
Here’s what some of our guest have to say about the Tandoor Chicken Rezala:
⦁ “Worth every penny spent! We had Potli Chicken Biryani (biryani wrapped in an egg casing,wow), Butter Chicken Steak, chicken Rezala, lamb vandalo, lamb chops with Korma, along with Mashroom and chicken appetizer. Everything tasted amazing.”

Amritsari Fried Fish

Amritsari Fried Fish

This famous fried fish recipe is from the city of Amritsar in Punjab, and includes batter fried, crispy masala straw potatoes, with mint, shallots, and a flavorful garlic dip.
Here’s what some of our guest have to say about the Tandoor Chicken Rezala:

  •  “The first time, my plate was adorned with Amritsari Fried Fish, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and a Rasgulla. I am from Amritsar and I can tell you that the Amritsari fish was quite amazing.”
  •  “Normally I am not a big fan of writing reviews on social media, however Bombay Velvet made me write one due to the food we tasted. We (9 Indian foodies) went for dinner ordered multiple veg and non-veg appetizers like Amritsari Fried Fish, Changezi Chicken, Chicken Skewers, etc., taste is amazingly good”

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If you aren’t sure what to order on your special night our or relaxing dinner at Bombay Velvet, choose one of these top 5 must-try Punjabi inspired dishes.
Stop by to enjoy a one of a kind dinner at Bombay Velvet, or make a reservation online.

Each of our unique desserts represents a bit of Indian flavor and tradition, paired with global ingredients to add a special twist, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 desserts you need to try at Bombay Velvet.

When you’re in the mood for something special, there is nothing better than a delectable dessert to hit the spot. Finish your night off right with one of our unique desserts that pairs incredible flavor with gorgeous artistry. Bombay Velvet offers culinary creations that are sure to impress, so leave some room for dessert and dare to try something new!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, out for a nice date night, or having a birthday bash, selecting the perfect dessert only adds to the enjoyment of your night out or celebration.

Check out our full dessert menu to see everything sweet we have to offer, including tasty dessert cocktails.



This beautifully crafted dessert is made of creamy mousse with betel leaves and rose preserve and paired with a delicious with mixed berry jelly. The mousse’s gorgeous presentation is just as good as its flavor.



This rich and delicious carrot & moong dal halwa is made in Indian clarified butter with cashew nuts, pistachios, and almonds, and flavored with saffron and green cardamom. From its unique prism shape to the deep flavor, you’ll keep coming back for “just one more bite” until it’s all gone.

Mango Kheer With Blueberry Compote


Try this decadent classic kheer dessert with milk and alphonso mango reduction. For a flavorful, fruity dessert, be sure to order this stunning creation and take a bite of something truly special.



This Bombay Velvet specialty is crafted with deep-fried mascarpone cheese dumplings that are soaked in sugar syrup and then paired with a pistachio gulab jamun. Take a bite–it might just become your new favorite.



You’ve never had jalebi like this before! This dessert of saffron flavored jalebi is stuffed with pistachio and almond reduced condensed milk, with Bacardi flambé.

Say yes to dessert! You’ll want to try some of these amazing, subtly sweet creations. If you aren’t sure which sweet treat to select on your special night out or celebration at Bombay Velvet, choose one of these top 5 must-try desserts. Mix and match desserts with friends or family by ordering multiple desert options and sharing a special, sweet taste with everyone.

Contact Us

Bombay Velvet is an upscale Indian restaurant in northern Virginia, with Indian-inspired sweets that are sure to surprise and delight. Call us at 703-956-9359 or email . Visit us in Reston, VA or make a reservation online!

Bombay Velvet, an Indian restaurant, will open at RTC West (12100 Sunset Hills Road) on Monday (April 15). The 2,500-square-foot restaurant, which the owner describes as “upscale,” can seat 100 guests between 22 indoor tables, three outdoor tables and one bar.

Rajiv Chopra, the chef and owner, is also behind other food ventures in the area like Punjabi By Nature and dessert shop Evergreen Sweets.

“We knew there was an opportunity to fulfill a missing need for a fine dining Indian establishment in the DMV,” Chopra said in a written statement. “Our new world approach to traditional cooking paired with our elegant food presentation gives us hope that locals and visitors who come into Bombay Velvet will expand their palates and try new regional Indian dishes that they have never experienced before.”

The menu includes dishes like “Calangute Beach Surf ‘N’ Turf” — a spicy chicken chorizo with Goan balchao shrimps — and “Khosla Ka Ghosla” — a dessert with vermicelli and dates. The restaurant takes its interior design inspiration from 1970s Bombay and 1930s American households.

Bombay Velvet is open from Sunday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to midnight.

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Northern Virginia is getting its own ornate Indian dining room just a month after D.C. welcomed the ultra-extravagant Punjab Grill.

New Delhi native Rajiv Chopra, the chef and entrepreneur who has three locations of fast-casual Punjabi By Nature in Northern Virginia, plans to open Bombay Velvet next week. Chopra’s first upscale restaurant opens for lunch and dinner on Monday, April 15, in Reston Town Center West (12100 Sunset Hills Road). The 100-seat restaurant features a small outdoor patio area and eight-seat bar.

Recipes showcase five different regions of India: north, south, east, west, and coastal. The food also reflects the influence of foreign powers in the subcontinent, including the Mughals, Turks, Persians, Afghans, French, Portuguese, Armenians, and the British.

An ornate look draws inspiration from both 1970s Bombay and American households during ‘30s and ‘40s. True to the restaurant’s name, there are velvet chesterfield sofas, colorful Indian chairs, copper-tinted mirrors, and a massive chandelier comprised of 380 lights. Orders come plated in handpicked, elegant crockery.

A finalized menu, including pricing information, won’t be available until later this week.

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Try lobster curry and coconut cocktails from the Punjabi by Nature restaurateur.
Chef and restaurateur Rajiv Chopra has opened four casual, counter-order locations of Punjabi by Nature, showcasing Northern Indian cuisine in North Virginia. Now he’s going upscale and highlighting regional cuisines at Bombay Velvet, a luxe Indian restaurant now open in Reston.

Chopra refers to the menu as a “gastronomic adventure to India.” The chef took research trips to six regions and cities in his home country, studying recipes in upscale hotels and learning how to hand-grind spices in small villages. Dishes from the north, south, east, and west live alongside each other on the menu, often accompanied by footnotes recounting a dish’s origin. The chef incorporates at least eight types of chilies found across the subcontinent. Chopra hopes the distinct spices and ingredients of each region will allow diners to “feel the flavor of that location.”

Starting in the south, the kitchen looks to Hyderabad. Seared scallops are paired with peanut salan, a spicy curry sauce traditionally enjoyed by the region’s ruling dynasties. Seafood dishes pay tribute to the coastal regions like lobster curry with a malai sauce simmered overnight, taking inspiration from the abundance of fisheries in the Bay of Bengal. The cocktail menu echoes the attention to regional flavors, like a beach-y Kerala-inspired concoction of rum, coconut water, cumin, and pineapple.

Traveling northward, the restaurant pays homage to the influence of Mughal rule on Northern Indian cuisine. The Mughals ruled for two centuries, bringing with them rich curries and hearty dishes like rice biriyani. Chopra pairs a dish he says was eaten by the Mughal kings, chargrilled chicken barra kebab, with mint chutney and a beetroot pickle salad.

The influence of Portugal, Armenia, and Britain on Indian cuisine are also prevalent on the menu. Chopra revamps the Scotch egg of British gastropubs, combining the traditional hard boiled egg with minced lamb, and saffron pistachio sauce. The menu boasts seven types of naan, from a simple butter version to iterations like truffle or black-and-white garlic.

In case you’re wondering about Bombay Velvet’s name, the 100-seat space is filled with hints: velvet sofas, velvet curtains, and velvet chairs. “Everywhere you will feel the velvet touch,” Chopra says. Looking upwards, the tin ceilings are meant to nod to 1930s American homes and 1970s Bombay, illuminated by a ten foot chandelier. In addition to the main dining room, guests can grab a table at one of the three outdoor patios or at the onyx bar.

Chopra already has plans to expand Bombay Velvet into the District in 2020. He has yet to sign a lease but has eyes on a number of locations.

Bombay Velvet. 12100 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston; Open Sunday through Thursday 10:30 to 11; Friday and Saturday to 12.

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Bombay Velvet, the first fine dining Indian restaurant from Northern Virginia chef and restaurateur Rajiv Chopra, is getting ready for its Reston debut.

Chopra, who owns three locations of Punjabi by Nature in Vienna, Chantilly and Leesburg, plans to open Bombay Velvet in RTC West in the second half of January. The 2,500-square-foot restaurant at 12100 Sunset Hills Road will seat 100, including a few tables on a small outdoor patio.

The design, by Shivani Chopra and Andy Dan, melds the traditional and the modern and pulls elements from 1970s Bombay and 1930s America. Velvet traditional sofas are paired with Indian chairs and tin ceilings and copper-tinted mirrors.

Chef Chopra’s menu will feature traditional dishes from all the regions of India and reflect the country’s history as a crossroads of many different cultures, including British, Afghan, French and Turkish. Signature dishes include smoky pulled chicken and corn chaat, lobster malai curry and steamed dhokla with pickled mushroom pate and spiced tomato pesto.

“At Bombay Velvet, we have explored the diverse and traditional Indian regional cuisines with a new world approach,” Chopra said in a statement. This includes traditional sauces made lighter for the American palate, he added.

The restaurant will also have a full bar, including cocktails that use Indian ingredients. For example, the Backwaters, an Indian interpretation of a tiki drink, includes coconut water, jaggery, cumin and pineapple with dark rum.

After opening several locations of the fast-casual Punjabi by Nature and Indian sweets shop Evergreen Sweets over the past eight years, Chopra hopes to expand the full-service Bombay Velvet as well in Northern Virginia.

The restaurant will join winery and restaurant Cooper’s Hawk, Black Squirrel bar and restaurant, and fast-casual spots Honeygrow and Mezeh Mediterranean in the RTC West development.

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Northern Virginia chef and restaurateur Rajiv Chopra opens his first fine dining Indian restaurant next week in Reston.

The 2,500-square-foot Bombay Velvet — located at 12100 Sunset Hills Road — will seat up to 100 between 22 indoor tables, three outdoor patio tables and one bar. Chopra, a native of New Delhi, owns and runs three other Indian fast-casual concepts called Punjabi By Nature, the 30-employee Bombay Velvet is his first foray into upscale dining.

The restaurateur told me that he plans to open multiple Bombay Velvet locations in Greater Washington in 2020 and beyond. “I’m already looking for places in Washington, D.C., but I’m not finding the right location,” Chopra said.

From Bombay Velvet’s mid-April opening until the end of 2019, Chopra projects the restaurant will generate $2.5 million, with the subsequent year expected to generate up to $4 million. This projected figure is roughly what all three Punjabi By Natures — each of which employ 10 to 15 workers — earned last year. The three venues’ combined revenue was between $2.5 million and $3 million, he said.

For the expansion of his restaurants, Chopra said he will use his own funds and not conduct capital raises.

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