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Mint Sweet Corn Soup 12.

Creamy Sweet Corn with Vegetables and seasonings.

Chicken Rasam 12. s

Chicken-flavored yellow lentil spicy southern broth.

Raw Mango Papaya Salad 14. vegan

Crunchy juliennes of papaya, mango, carrot, & roasted crushed peanuts with classic citrus dressing.

Barley & Quinoa Salad 14. vegan, n

Quinoa, Barley, sweet peppers, and Lettuce with Handcrafted Orange Dressing.


Nutty Corn Kebab 16. d,g

Corn and cheese tikki cooked with red chilies and coriander, tawa cooked, spiced with chaat masala.

Truffle malai Brocolli 18. d,n,g

Broccoli florets marinated with truffle and cheese cooked in tandoor under succulent.

Khakhra Platter 12. g, vegan

Crispies served with array of chutneys.

Kasundi Paneer Tikka 18. d

Fermented mustard marinated cottage cheese, creamy tomato sauce.

Honey Crispy mushrooms 18 g, vegan

Oysters glazed spicy crunchy sauteed mushrooms.

Nadru Ke Kebab 16. d,g

Crunchy corn pan seared patties, flavoured with green chillies, ginger and royal cumin.

Achari Soya Chaap 18. d

Soya chaap marinated in yogurt & pickled spices charbroiled in tandoor.

Lasuni Gobi 16. g, vegan

Cauliflower florets tossed with chili garlic sauce.

Reshmi Chicken Tikka 22. n,d

Juicy and succulent chicken leg meat marinated in house made creamy marinade, charred in the tandoor.

Bhatti Ka Tandoori Chicken 22. d,s

Chicken marinated with authentic herbs, spices, and yogurt and grilled in tandoor to perfection.

Murgh Ki Kalmi 26. d,n,s

Delicately marinated chicken drumsticks smoke roasted in a clay oven.

Haji Fried Chicken 26. d,g

Old Delhi style fried chicken, homemade pickles, crunchy greens served with mint and coriander chutney.

Mutton Galouti Kebab 28. g,d

Melt in a mouth lamb delicacy from Awadh served with ultra tawa paratha.

Gilafi seekh kebab 28. d

Juicy cylindrical kebabs of minced lamb blended in with classic Indian spices.

Tandoori Pomfret 34. s,d

Deliciously grilled whole pompano with rich flavors and tantalizing aromas.

Tandoori Prawns 28. s,d

Prawns marinated in mustard yogurt, topped with spices, and grilled in tandoor.

Amritsari Machi 22. g,s,d

Famous fried tilapia fish recipe from the city of Amritsar in Punjab and batter fried.


Deconstructed Samosa Chaat 16. g, d

Crispy & crumbled Samosa topped with spicy & tangy Imli chutney.

ShakarKandi Chaat 16. d

Smoked sweet potato served along tamarind emulsion.

Palak Chaat 16. d,g

Layered with spinach crisps with tangy tamarind sauce.

Avocado Corn Bhel 16 s, vegan

Mumbai style crispy rice puff with corn avocado, tamarind & mint emulsion

Tokri Chaat 16. d,g

Basket Filled with Potato Masala Sweet Curd and Chutneys


Khubani Ka Kofta 26. g,d,n

Apricot and cottage cheese croquettes, saffron gravy.

Butter Coconut Broccoli Cauliflower 26. d

Florets cooked with onion, tomato & creamy coconut sauce.

Paneer Kadhai 26. s,d

Cottage cheese cooked with green pepper, onion, tomato, and freshly ground spices.

Paneer Pinwheel 26. d,n

Homemade paneer tapernard, creamy tomato and cashew sauce.

Makhmali Palak Paneer 26. d

Cottage cheese cooked with fresh spinach, tomatoes, spices, and green herbs.

Masala Jackfruit 26. s

Deep fried green jackfruit cooked with tomato onion sauce.

Hyderabadi Khatte Meethe Baingan 26. vegan

Pan seared eggplant cooked in tamarind sauce served with traditional salan gravy.

Mangalorean Kori Gassi 28. s

Flavorful curry of chicken and finely ground fresh coconut and Indian spices.

Chicken Lahori Kadhai 28. s

Traditional bone in chicken preparation from the streets of Lahore.

Mutton Ghee Roast 34. s,d

Tender Pieces of lamb cooked in robust ghee roast masala and topped with crispy curry leaves.

Lamb Chops 34. s,d

New Zealand Lamb chops in red chili marinade seared in tandoor served with masala sesame potatoes.

Awadhi Goat Korma 34. d,n

Slow cooked goat cooked in aromatic cashew nut and yogurt sauce.

Alleppey Fish Curry 34.

Pan seared sea bass, raw mango & coconut curry.

Nalli Nihari 36. s,d,n

Slow braised lamb shank, mild flavored stew.

Malabar Prawn Curry 34. s

Aromatic Mangalorean curry flavored with curry leaves and coconut.


Dal Makhani 24 d

Black lentils & Kidney beans simmered with spices and butter cream.

Dal Tadka 24

Traditional slow cooked yellow lentil with chili and asafetida tempering.

Old Delhi Butter Chicken 28. d

Clay oven roasted boneless chicken cooked in tomato creamy buttery sauce from the streets of Delhi.


Chicken Biryani 26. d,s

Boneless chicken slow cooked with basmati rice, green chilies, and cucumber.

Goat Biryani. 32. d,s

Pot sealed goat slow cooked with basmati rice, green cardamom, sandalwood, saffron and garlic yogurt.

Vegetable Biryani 26. d,s

Aromatic basmati rice and vegetables cooked on dum with our in-house blend of biryani masala and whole spices.


Garlic naan with black garlic dust 6

Tandoori Roti 6

Lal Mirch Ajwaini Paratha 6

Butter Naan 6

Bullet Naan 6

Gluten Free Bread 6. (Made to order)


Burani Raita 12

Masala Laccha Pyaaz 6

Masala Papad 12


Nimish 16. d,n

Traditional foam chaat from the streets of Delhi sprinkled with gold leaf dust.

Malpua Gajar Halwa 14. d,n

Crispy carrot pudding roll.

Chocolate caramel souffle 14 d,n,g

Moist chocolate cake with a heart of creamy salted caramel served with pistachio ice cream.

Badshah of Delhi 16. d,n

Sweetened fennel crispy, paan flavored kulfi made from condensed milk.

Falooda 16. d,n

A delightful combination of rose, basil seeds, spaghetti & malai kulfi to pamper your taste buds.

  • (s) spicy, (d) dairy, (v) vegan, (n) contains nuts, (g) contains gluten
  • Before placing an order please inform your server if anyone in your party has any food allergy.
  • Our kitchen uses the same utensils and equipment for processing dairy and nuts
  • Consumption of raw or undercooked meat, poultry, shellfish, or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness.
  • 20% service charge added to the bill. Only 3 Cards are permitted for split checks.
  • Cake Cutting Fee $3 Per Person
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